Today must be 'love animal' day for me... btw, don't know that I would want to live that long unless I too was still able to wallow in the mud! LOL!! Oh, notice that Harriet is a *she*... sorry guys! :)

"Tortoise turns 175, but she’s not slowing down -
Possibly oldest living animal on Earth, Harriet still gets out, wallows in mud"



Renee in Ohio said...

Go Harriet!

And since it's love animals day, I just *had* to do a shout out for the pudus.

Karen said...

LOL Renee!

I love the pudus & had never heard of them before your gravatar appeared. They are very *cute*. :)

jc said...

LOL, I clicked for the warm, fuzzy doggy story and the first thing I saw was a big turtle head.

I know, I know, I scrolled down... That's what you get for arriving late.

LOL :-)

jc said...

And, actually I *love* turtles, too. When we were kids, we always had those cute little green ones. I liked the the little green "sticky" frogs, too.

Karen said...


It's never too late... btw, I love what you've done with your profile pic. :)

jc said...

Thanks, Karen! :-D