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Should the U.S. talk with Hamas after its apparent election victory? * 24926 responses

Yes 51%

No 43%

I don't know 5%


Lucyka said...

Hey!! Thank you for commenting me. You said your mother was born in Slovenia, but didn't say if she was Slovenian?? I suppose she was (rip, i'm sorry :((). But do you know Slovene language? And, from where r u?

Karen said...

Lucyka~ thanks for posting on my blog!

Yes, my mother was Slovenian & was born there in 1919. She came over on the boat to Ellis Island in New York when she was 9 years old.

No, I don't know the Slovene language & I live in Michigan.

Lucyka said...

yeah, Michigan, I didn't know where this is, but I looked at the map :P Well, tell me, didin't you wish to learn the language of your mother or to visit our country again? And tell me, how do you find Slovenia? From what town was your mother if you know ? I'm getting married in another country but I said that my children will know my language couse I have a kind of nostalgic already :))

Lucyka said...

Yeah, you're right... I'm sorry, I really am. In 1988 (I was born then haha) we were stil YU but when we became independent in 1991 we had some big advancement in economy etc... We're now in European Union and are very 'developed', we had luck that the Balcan war (in Croatia, Bosnia&Herzegovina and Serbia) didn't exeed our south border.... Well, I suppose you don't have any contacts with your relations here. Hm... if you want to know sth more or want to see some photos, or whatever, just ask, I'm happy to ''meet'' you :)One big snow and veeeery coldddddd greeting from 'Republika Slovenija' :))

Karen said...

Photos would be great! Maybe you could post some on your blog. It's fun talking to you.