Jack K. said...

Never get into a battle of wits unarmed.

Maybe both parties shown here need to ask Uncle Dick what to do. The answer might be becareful with your Dick.


Peaches said...

Morals, morals? What morals?

Eli Blake said...

I was glad when Howard Dean ignored the naysayers and went ahead with his 'fifty state strategy.' This year, not only were Democrats competitive in places like Wyoming, Idaho and Nebraska but we actually picked up some seats in very Republican areas.

The only Democrat who is talking down on him right now is James Carville. And let's be honest. Carville is a close friend and advisor to the Clintons, and Hillary was one of the big losers in this election-- because the TV was full of images of confident, successful Democrats who were winning and proved that we can without someone named 'Clinton.'

It was Ken Mehlman who made the exit with failure written all over him. Let's give Dean another term to work his magic at the DNC.

Chuck said...

Howard Dean: A true leader. His strategy worked. THANK YOU HOWARD!

James Carville: A true asshole. He is a suck-up of the Clinton Republican Lite DLCers! NO THANK YOU JAMES!

Karen said...

jack~ like your answer! :+)

peaches~ good question.

eli~ carville also sleeps with the enemy.

chuck well said, my friend.