an average patriot said...

Beautiful! That makes me want to say God Bless America! God help us!

Fred said...

It's the bat signal!

BBC said...

Average Patriot, why in the hell would god want to help us? America was just an experiment and they screwed it up.

America is no more special than any other country on this planet other than the fact that you were brainwashed into believing that.

If one of my sons wanted to go to war I would kick his ass, but you seem to support your sons going to war, what is wrong with you?

And Sally Fields should kick your ass, just saying.

BBC said...

I mean, being as she isn't going to screw you anyway. LOL

BBC said...

Pleas excise me Karen, I'm amusing myself.

an average patriot said...

I like you and I know it is not safe to assume but I assume you know I am their Father not their keeper. My sons would get a kick out of you trying that! I raised men and I support them. I can advise but am powerless and just have to hope for the best!

Karen said...

patriot~ I want to take "God Bless America!" back from the rethugs. They've f*cked up everything!

fred~ =grin=

bbc~ America has been desecrated under the worse. president. ever.

As far as America being special, I look at that the same way I look at thinking my husband is special, my family is special, etc. They have their flaws but are special in my heart.

I've learned, as I'm sure everyone who has children has learned, you can't tell your adult children how to live their lives.

patriot~ "Father not their keeper"

Excellent! :o)