Now we can get the 2010 Equinox after turning in our '95 clunker... thx Pres O!!

UPDATE: Used cars are seen in a dumpster to draw attention to the 'Cash for Clunkers' program at Performance Chevrolet in Sacramento, Calif., Saturday, Aug. 1, 2009. On Friday Congress approved an additional $2 billion for the program that provides $3,500 or $4,500 credits to buyers who trade in older, gas guzzling vehicles for more fuel-efficient new cars.

Kudos to 'All Hat No Cattle'


Holte Ender said...

Karen - Did you photoshop that, or is it real?

Karen said...

Holte~ OOPS, forgot to post the documentation. It's now been added as an update.

Thx for bringing it to my attention!

Holte Ender said...

Karen - I wonder if they are trashing those cars for real or are they just dummies. Whatever, its given the car dealerships something to get their teeth into.

Karen said...

Holte~ It's a pretty good gimmick.

btw, we're on the way down to the dealership right now to pick up our 2010 Equinox! :o)