Lo and behold, the Bible has gotten too liberal, according to a group of conservatives. And it needs a little editing.



Holte Ender said...

Karen - Let us see, what can we change:

1. Thou shalt kill
2. Thou shalt covert Thy neighbors wife
3. Thou shalt bear false witness

Could have a lot of fun with this.

Karen said...

Holte~ Let's see...

“Honour thy father and thy mother” can be changed to:

"Honour thy limp-balls and beck-head"

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me” can be changed to:

"Thou shalt have no other gods, unless they're rethugs, before me"

“Thou shalt not steal” can be changed to:

"Thou shalt not steal unless it's an election"

'k, that's my fun part!


sage said...

I always thought The Living Bible was the conservative's own paraphrase... I didn't know they needed another.

Karen said...

sage~ Go figure!