Jack K. said...

There's got to be some irony in there somewhere. snerx.

Karen said...

Jack~ Indeed.

TomCat said...


MadMike said...

Cool pix!!

Infidel753 said...

If only they were so honest. The possibilities are endless.

"Another Great Depression means more great jazz!"

"Our policies will create jobs -- cleaning up oil slicks!"

"A chicken in every health-savings account!"

"Deficits don't matter!"

Oops, Karl Rove actually used the last one. Some things are hard to satirize.

Karen said...

TomCat~ backacha! :o)

Mike~ I'm only as 'cool' for what I fetch on the Internets! :o)

Infidel~ *sigh*

TomCat said...

Shouldn't that top pic feature a mushroom cloud?