Is The Nine Eleven GOPfest Over Yet?

Kudos to 'jc's designs'



ckmunson said...

Good question! I am hoping that this dumb 9/11 blame someone else while I was in charge BS ends soon.

Jolynn said...

I love that saying. It's so funny. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a handbasket at work. Or maybe I'm just a basket case.

sage said...

I like that saying...

November ain't far off--and we've got cheaper gas just in time for the elections. Now I don't really think that Bush has that much control over the gas prices, but it's interesting that in Utah, a state that he can count on being Republican ('cept for one district), gas was still between 2.80 and 2.90 yesterday.

Jay Noel said...

I'm still waiting for the Dems to step up to the plate to bring a real contender in...


Karen said...

cj~ prolly not til hell freezes over, unfortunately.

jolynn~ lol, hear ya, girlfriend!

croak~ don't see things changin' for the better anywhere til bush is gone. :o(

sage~ everyone's suspicious about the gas thingy, although prices did go up yesterday about 20 cents per gallon.

phoenix~ simple answer... "do the opposite of chimpy mcflight suit and you're In Like Flynn!"

The only alternative is continue doing what you're doing and getting what you're getting which is NOT AN OPTION!

Catreona said...

Hey Karen!

I got a load o' Senator Stabenow's pro-torture, anti-Constitution vote yesterday. What a disappointment!

Now, I know it's late. And, I know Michigan is a lot larger than Massachusetts. But, a lady named Diane Forsberg started a write in campaign for senate as soon as news of Kerry's pro-war vote broke. She didn't come close to unseating him, but she, and those of us who voted for her, sure sent him a message. Is there any chance of somebody starting a campaign against Stabenow on the basis of that vote? If so, I'd be happy to scrape together a few pennies to send.

Here's the e-mail I just sent to the Stabenow campaign:

No Habeas Corpus, No Support

Remove me from your mailing list.

I have no interest in supporting a senator who is willing to deny, to anyone for any reason, the rights and protections guarenteed by the United States Constitution.

I am very disappointed in Sen. Stabenow. What's more, I'll work to see that she is defeated, and someone who values and honors the U.S. Constitution is elected in her place.

Very truly yours...

(I'm going to post this at HEP as well.)

Karen said...

cat~ I like your email better than the one I sent earlier:

Okay~ here's the email I'm shooting off to Stabenow...

What were you thinking!?!

I am a constituent that is shocked and appalled you would vote to legalize TORTURE. How can any normal human condone torture? This just can't be; it is UNACCEPTABLE!

When will we Democrats stand up and take back our country? I want to be a *Proud American* again.

Cat~ She's up for re-election next month. I'm sure that's what's behind this which makes me even madder, how dare she! As far as an alternative candidate, it's too late for this election.

Carina said...

Ugh....well Stabenow is up against Bouchard...which is the lesser of two evils? That's a tough one.
I'm reminded of a bumper sticker I saw in the UK..."Don't Vote. It Only Encourages Them."
Har har. Of course I'm voting but I'd sure like someone to come up with a sensible plan to get us out of the handbasket....