'NFL Tops ABC 9/11 Show in Ratings'
Sep 11, 12:49 PM EST

The Associated Press

NEW YORK -- Editing changes made by ABC to the first part of its miniseries "The Path to 9/11" were cosmetic and didn't change the meaning of scenes that had angered several former Clinton administration officials, a spokesman for the former president said Monday.

As for Clinton, he didn't bother watching the movie that angered so many people who once worked for him.

"He made the choice that most Americans made," said Jay Carson, Clinton Foundation spokesman. "Of a fictionalized drama version of Sept. 11 or the Manning brothers playing football against one another, he chose the latter."

The movie was flattened in the ratings by the debut of NBC's Sunday night football, matching Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts against his younger brother Eli of the New York Giants. The football game had an estimated 20.7 million viewers, while "The Path to 9/11" had 13 million, according to Nielsen Media Research...


Fred said...

I'm glad I was watching football.

sage said...

I'm glad to know that football won out (wish it had been baseball, but even I tuned in to see part of that brother against brother game)

I was worried that the publicity would have increased the show's popularity, as even negative publicity will do

Hel said...

is it just me that finds the idea of fictionalised movies/TV-shows about events like 9/11 at least a bit tasteless?