Shaking Hands: Iraqi President Saddam Hussein greets Donald Rumsfeld, then special envoy of President Ronald Reagan, in Baghdad on December 20, 1983.


Recent Bumper Stickers

1) (On an infant's shirt): Already smarter than Bush.

2) 1/20/09: End of an Error.

3) That's OK, I Wasn't Using My Civil Liberties Anyway.

4) Let's Fix Democracy in This Country First.

5) If You Want a Nation Ruled By Religion, Move to Iran.

6) Bush. Like a Rock. Only Dumber.

7) You Can't Be Pro-War And Pro-Life At The Same Time.

8) If You Can Read This, You're Not Our President.

9) Of Course It Hurts: You're Getting Screwed by an Elephant.

10) Hey, Bush Supporters: Embarrassed Yet?

11) George Bush: Creating the Terrorists Our Kids Will Have to Fight.

12) Impeachment: It's Not Just for Blowjobs Anymore.

13) Give Bush a Blowjob So We Can Impeach Him, Too.

14) America : One Nation, Under Surveillance.

15) They Call Him "W" So He Can Spell It.

16) Which God Do You Kill For?

17) Cheney/Satan '08.

18) Jail to the Chief.

19) Who Would Jesus Torture?

20) No, Seriously, Why Did We Invade.

21) Bush: God's Way of Proving Intelligent Design is Full Of Crap.

22) Bad president! No Banana.

23) We Need a President Who's Fluent In At Least One Language.

24) We're Making Enemies Faster Than We Can Kill Them.

25) Buck Fush.

26) Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Blood.

27) Is It Vietnam Yet?

28) Bush Doesn't Care About White People, Either.

29) Where Are We Going? And Why Are We In This Hand basket?

30) You Elected Him. You Deserve Him.

31) Frodo Failed. Bush Has the Ring.

32) Impeach Cheney First.

33) Dubya, Your Dad Shoulda Pulled Out, Too.

34) When Bush Took Office, Gas Was $1.46.

35) The Republican Party: Our Bridge to the 11th Century.

36) 2004: Embarrassed 2005: Horrified 2006: Terrified.






Title Screen: There was a land of Profiteers and Oil Fields called the New South... Here in this petty world, Fealty killed its last sow... Here was the last ever to be seen of individual rights and their basest scares, of disasters that would enslave... Look for it only in neo-con texts, for it is no more than a scheme dismembered. A Machination gone with the spin...


Harlot O’Terror
Dick (former) Butler
Rumley Bilks
Mammy Powell
Melanie Lieberman
Miss Leezzey

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Used to love watching this show many years ago, it was my favorite. The 'Angels' have hardly changed at all as seen in this recent photo. They look beautiful!!




Kudos to jc's designs