Don't Trust Republicans With Your Kids

Kudos to 'jc's designs'


Eli Blake said...

You know what a great design on this would be? A kid, standing there with a scared and startled look on his or her face, with the big elephant standing behind him and the trunk slightly extended and groping from behind.

Karen said...

eli~ Great design idea, I'll pass it along to jc!

The rethugs never cease to provide ammunition, eh!?!

Karen said...

Yer right on topa things, eli... went over to jc's site and I see you've already put in the request. Can't wait to see the results!

Jolynn said...

That is just wrong! In a funny way.

Steve Landis said...

Spaying and neutering is not quite enough I am afraid. Given how dreadfully bad things have, are and continue to go, anyone who (or which?) professes to be a Republican should have his or her reproductive bits and pieces removed in order that humanity benefit for many generations to come. Perhaps if they could not breed, our children and future might be safe!

CROAK said...

Oh gosh is that a sailor there? In your comments section, just above this comment? Is it?
oh what was I going to say???

Oh.. so elephants equate with republicans...how sad is that?
Elephants don't deserve such a connection.

sage said...

On the one hand, I think, just a few more weeks. On the other, I wonder if the Democrats have anything better to offer. They are better than the Republicans at shooting themselves in their feet. Of course, even after the midterm elections, we'll still have two more years with Georgie boy.

Karen said...

jolynn~ the rethugs are good at *funny ways*

landcomm1~ Welcome!

croak~ elephants are *gentle* creatures...nuff said, eh?

sage~ we're damned if we do and damned if we don't.

Jay Noel said...

I bet Foley didn't even have an alcohol problem.

Karen said...

phoenix~ yer prolly right on that one. think it's a diversion away from the *real* problem.

Jay Noel said...

The way the Democrats are completely politicizing this issue makes me sick, though. This isn't making me want to vote Democrat at all.

Trying to seduce a page is sick. And it's a tragedy. The Dems are just licking their chops and calling for the heads of everybody in Congress. For those whom are victims of sexual abuse, I'm sure they believe the Dems are really missing the big picture.

What about Democrat Gerry Studds? He had a long love affair with a male page. And the page was 16 when they first had sex. Booze, trips to Europe...what about that? Did he get thrown out of office?

Nope. He was in congress until the mid-1990s. Isn't this sexual relationship with a male page MORE of an abuse than a bunch of sick e-mails?

Barney Frank had an affair with a page as well. Here's another Democrat that didn't get the hammer.

The bigger picture is this: these powerful men are put in a position to abuse this power. No matter what party they are from. And something must be done to protect THE CHILDREN.

Karen said...

phoenix~ so did Republican Daniel Crane the same time as Gerry Studds and nothing was done.

What's so outrageous to people about Foley is the bushies profess to be such Christians but are actually playing with their own *cigars* under the table.

You might be in the minority on your statement of, "This isn't making me want to vote Democrat at all" which begs the question, "You mean you were even considering it before this erupted!?!"

puppytoes said...

i can't help but wonder: if Foley had been open and honest about his sexual orientation, would he have found himself in the postion he's in right now? this situation is tragic on many levels, the least of which is the fact that Foley's responsible for some good legislation regarding the protection of minors from sexual predators.

as for the other alleged seductions (of pages)? i don't know enough to comment, so i'll just ask where the information came from. i've always thought highly of Barney Frank, and it would sadden me to think he, too, engaged in such behavior. xox neva

Anonymous said...

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