Bo Schembechler

April 1, 1929 - November 17, 2006



Jack K. said...

Bo, you served well, cared about those you served, and shared the love in your heart. What more can a person do?

There was a great memorial statement to Bo during half-time of the Michigan OSU game.

Bo was a man to emulate.

His body is gone, but his spirit will live on.

Polly said...

'Fraid I dunno the lad. More info please?

Fred said...

He was a legend. All class, too.

Too bad Michigan lost yesterday, a win would have been nice.

Karen said...

jack~ love what you said and all so true.

peaches~ Bo was a great college football coach from way back. click on 'Hail To The Victor' above his photo to read about him.

fred~ yes he was!

sage said...

It's a shame Michigan lost yesterday... I wasn't here during the Bo years, but sure heard enough about him and I'm not even much of a college football fan.

Polly said...