Diane said...

I truly hope Rudy gets the nod for the GOP - the other 2 scare the bejesus out of me

Chuck said...

More emperor wannabes without clothes???

BBC said...

I don't like that idiot anymore than you do. But I've given up on picking on him everyday.

I think I will write in my name in the next election, I don't like any the runners out there.

Na, I don't want to be preznut, I want to rule the whole world. I need some really good bombs.

Eli Blake said...


Rudy might be better on issues like abortion and gay rights (so that makes him the least bad of the three) but he's every bit as much of a warmonger as Bush-- and I think that was the point of the cartoon.

Besides, when Bush was elected over Gore, I wasn't too happy about it, but I remember thinking that there were at least a couple of silver linings in having a Republican President-- that 1. he'd keep the deficit under control (in fact at time it was a surplus, so I assumed he'd maintain it), and 2. he wouldn't engage in any foreign 'nation building' type of adventurism.

You can see how those two 'silver linings' in the cloudes turned out. They both turned into tornados.

Hale McKay said...

I love it!

Karen, I think you'll be interested in my 5/12 post, Hot Poker In the Eye.

It's a topic worthy of those Monday discussion posts you used to run.