The George W. Bush Rows Garden

Kudos to 'driftglass'


Chuck said...

Perfect again. Even if they were buried there it wouldn't phase him. He has no concept of love, death, pain or suffering.

sage said...

So true, so sad... Did you hear Bush's drop in visit on Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion this weekend?

Karen said...

chuck~ well said, I'm afraid.

sage~ yep! heard about Bush impersonator. Don't you just love Garrison!!

Jack K. said...

I do love the man from Lake Woebegone.

Sorry I missed the show.

Isn't ironic that the fundamentalists (of all stripes) seem to spout the virtues of their god, but seem to forget the important parts of serving, caring and sharing the love in your heart?

What a pity.