Stephen Colbert for President



Liza said...

This is so funny.

My favorite: "Speak truthiness to power."

Jack K. said...

And why not!

We watched his show the other night when he made his BIG announcement.

He may be on to something, running on both tickets, but what has he got against independents?

BBC said...

I'm voting for me. Screw the nuts that work their to the top of the pile.

BBC said...

""If mothers ruled the world, there wouldn't be any goddamn wars in the first place." -Sally Field

So why aren't they? I'll tell you why, because they don't get pissed and speak up and carry sticks and swat stupid men.

Because they let their husbands and kids go off to wars. Because aside from some fussing about the world they are mostly just interested in their own little empires. Hello???

BBC said...

Right, love makes the world go around. But I see so little of it. I get lots of hugs everyday, but it seems to be lacking in others in their lives. Hugs.

Polly said...

Sally I have one word to say to you:
Margaret Thatcher!
ohhh Horrorr of horrors!

Jack K. said...

Margaret Thatcher is two words, but who's counting. The sentiment is correct.

bbc, if women did get pissed they might be acting just like we men. Then where would we be?

Liza said...

I have two more words for you, Hillary Clinton. She's going to great lengths to prove herself to be the most hawkish Democratic presidential candidate with respect to Iran.

Jay Noel said...

Hillary Clinton is a nut. Sorry, but this is first hand experience here. When the cameras are off, she becomes a crazy foul-mouthed tyrant.

She is definitely NOT the kind of mother Sally Fields was talking about.