BBC said...

It's really easy to figure out the economy. Repeat after me, "Greed".

Diane said...

The last thing they need is McCain showing up in DC for the first time in months. The Senator who has missed more votes than any other is now indispensable? Bugger off, John.

jmsjoin said...

Bush is fear mongering again to get what he wants in this Bankrupting of America! Obama is looking good in this and the debate issue!
Funny, the Repugs created this on their own now they went

It pisses me off but this bail out will solve nothing and this is one more thing that will get much worse. I do think the money should be divvied out in increments and Dem wishes adhered to!
I also think McCain is a liar and tried to take credit for Obama's idea and is trying to politicize this for his favor as Bush always does but it will

McCain is slipping in the polls and he canceled to use this in his favor. It always worked for Bush but it will fail this time.
Republicans know Obama is going to beat him up. They are all scared.
I am also sick of them hiding Paling. They want to slide back her debate too! They have to steal this because if it was fair Republicans are going down!

BBC said...

They have to steal this because if it was fair Republicans are going down!

They have always stolen everything they have ever gotten. Nothing new about that.

sage said...

Good sign! This is the time for a debate! Interestinly, I think Obama did much better on foreign policy last night then McCain, and neither of them did well on the openind questions on the fiscal problems.