Jolynn said...

I could not have said it better myself!

sage said...

I just hope they weren't synchronizing their watches in preparation for final war under their watch.

BBC said...

I got it !!!! I'll make three or four days that week my monthly camping trip.

And with Obama being taken into the good old boys club I'm sure that I'll have more reasons to go camping on future dates in the next four years.

I know that he means well (sort of), but hey, he is just another rich dude trying to act like one of us.

Keep saving your pennies, I think that you're going to need them.

BBC said...

I guess that it is pretty cold over there? I never thought for a moment that global warming wouldn't include some weird cold places.

We can thank Detroit for a lot of that mess, good wages beside the point.

jmsjoin said...

looking at these they are all funny and i had to keep looking. Sorry for the absence I have been busy!