Jerry Critter said...

WOW!!! Long time no see. Are you back or just passin' through?

Karen said...

Hi Jerry...however the spirit moves me, but I am on Facebook daily!!

Jerry Critter said...

I'm on Facebook, but it is strictly a family thing. I have yet to grace Facebook with the Critter..

Karen said...

If you do, please let me know. Some of my blogger friends are on FB with their blogger handle, some with their real name, and some with both.

Jay Noel said...


Glad to see that you've posted in 2012. Wow. It's been so long. Not many bloggers from the old days are left.

Hope you're doing well!

Jay Noel...aka The Phoenix.

Karen said...

Hi Jay!

Great hearing from you... do you still have 'The Phoenix' blog? I don't do much with my blog since I found Facebook. Lots of blogger buds are there. You can find me on Facebook under the name Karen Derus Durling.

Thanks for checking in!!

Karen said...

You can also click on my Facebook badge on the right-hand side of this blog and it will take you to my Facebook page. I'm also on Twitter which is listed on the right-hand side. :)

Polly said...

Hi Karen,
Loving your Facebook...keeps me sane all the way over here in Aust.
Keep up the good work and keep fighting for the democracy you so believe in.
Trying to get back into blogging with Polly persona and puppy persona on Facebook.
Appreciate your love and care of dogs and your passion for your amazing Pres.

Eli Blake said...

Works for me!