"T'was the Night Before Fitzmas" - Holiday Cheer

T'was the night before the indictments
when all through the White House
the thugs cowered closely
as Fitzgerald played cat and mouse.

The sound bytes were rehearsed

in the West Wing with care
In hopes that the propaganda
would catapult in the air.

The neocons were restless,

tossing and turning in bed
while visions of orange jumpsuits
jumped in their heads.

And Rove in his foot jammies,

and Cheney in his fur hat
had just settled in

for an eight-hour nap.

When out on the White House lawn

there arose such a clatter
Laura shook off the Zanax
to see what was the matter.

Away to the Lincoln Balcony

Junior flew like a flash
He tore open some pretzels
and his face he did bash.

And to what did Junior's

lying eyes should appear?
...but a black limousine
that drove Fitzgerald near.

Lead prosecutor Fitzgerald

was so lively and quick
Junior knew in a moment
this administration was dicked.

More rapid than eagles

the indictments they came,
and the public happily cried
as Fitzgerald called them by name:

Now Cheney! Now Scooter!

Now Condi! Now Bush!
On Judy! On Rover!
On Rumsfeld's lying, fat tush.
To the top of the perp line!
To the top of the razor wire wall!
Now cuff 'em all! Cuff 'em all!
Frog march 'em away all!

Fitzgerald spoke not a word,

but went straight to his work.
He turned over the evidence,
then turned to Bush, Jr. the jerk.
"You shouldn't have lied to sell America war.
Now your country is salivating to settle this score."

Fitzgerald sprang to his limo,

to his legal team gave a whistle,
and to Gitmo they flew

like the down of a thistle.

But I heard Fitzgerald exclaim

as he drove from D.C.,
"The neocon nightmare is over
....it's a new democracy!"

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