...the republickers impeached William Jefferson Clinton for WHAT!?!

worst. president. ever.

I need a cigar.



Jack K. said...

Check your rectum.


Diane said...

I am hardpressed to come up with anything to include in a list of Bush accomplishments

sage said...

"have a cigar" -pink floyd

I like the poster!

Liza said...

Clinton was impeached for lying wasn't he? That was back in the days when the Republicans thought it was necessary for the president to be honest.

The Phoenix said...

I'd put GW at 2nd worst. My worst president award has to go to Jimmy Carter. Always and forever.

Jolynn said...

I agree!

BBC said...

I think they impeached him for entertaining us.

Religious fundamentalists are motivated by the sneaking suspicion that someone, somewhere, is having fun -- and that this must be stopped.

If one of their own monkeys gets caught screwing on a White House couch it's a different story though.

Karen said...

jack~ good place!

diane~ er, he has a cute dog.

sage~ pf did that!?!

liza~ or wanted to make us believe they thought that.

phoenix~ actually Jimmy Carter was the *best* president in my lifetime. What took him down was his honesty (a quality no pres has had since).

Carter didn't kill 3495 Americans and over 50,000 innocent Iraqis for a lie!

I'll stick with bush being the worst!!

jolynn~ backacha!

bbc~ we liberals do have more fun, eh!?! {grin}