Happy 40th Birthday, Sgt. Pepper!

Almost let the June 1st anniversary go by without recognition.
What were you doing 40 years ago!?!



BBC said...

Lets see, that would be 1967.

I was 24 and an idiot.

Living in Seattle and just starting to get started in life, so to speak.

Married and knocked up my wife.

Geez, been down a lot of paths since then, and not all of them were paved.

Actually, this was a bad time to ask me. Hugs.

Diane said...

I was 6 years old and in 1st grade. My teacher was Miss Montgomery

Jack K. said...

I was stationed at Ft. Gordon, GA. I was a member of the faculty at the US Army Military Police School. I was getting ready to get seriously married to my second and current wife.

Life was good. I had just come back from my first tour in Nam and wouldn't know for a couple of years that I would get to go back.

I was just beginning to take my spirituality seriously thanks to a good friend who has since completed his life's mission and has moved on.

I wonder if the album is available on iTunes? Think I'll check it out after making this comment.

Liza said...

I had my first boyfriend that summer. He was a guitar player and a Beatles fan, so he talked about this album all the time. He looked me up a couple of years ago, but we had nothing in common except for that one summer that we spent together mostly on the phone. We were too young to date.

Shephard said...

I loved playing my brother's Beatles "albums." But 40 years ago... I was learning to walk. :)

Eli Blake said...

I was four years old, just finishing up nursery school.

I still remember the three bullies there: Kurt, Adam and Rob (even though they didn't pick on me as much as some of the other kids). There was one day when I got to call the order of the people to go get their mats to take their naps on (until you got your mat you had to stand there and wait for your name to be called), so I saved those three for last.

Must be where I began trying to fix all the injustices in the world.

Chuck said...

I was 10 (that means I'm old now)- reading books and wishing I was born in the far future.

D.O.M. Dan said...

Probably not listening to Sgt. Pepper - I was barely 5. I'm not even sure if I had started kindergarten yet.

I grew to become a huge Beatles fan, but Sgt. Pepper is not my favorite album. I think the album as a whole is a greater commercial success than the sum of its songs. In other words, other less successful Beatles albums had a better group of songs on them.

onandon said...

I was 13 and just started High School. My sister was a Beatles fan ( George was her favourite) and is three years older than me. She was a study-nut and I would hear her into the early hours of the morning studying and listening to a crackly old radio belting out Beatles tunes by the hour.
I grew to feel that that noise meant safety and that 'everything was all right'.

So I was hankering to be loved and to love. I was not my sister ( beautiful, talented, smart and studious) so I dreampt a lot and lived in my head.
I liked all the earlier songs of the Beatles and never quite 'got' Sgt Peppers.

This is a great post Karen!
What a wonderful way to make us respond by going down memory lane.

Well done!

Jack K. said...

It is not available on iTunes. I did check.

Too bad.