Barack Obama asked us to educate ourselves about our differences rather than focus on them. In that spirit, I think you should read rikyrah's thoughts on the black church. Here's a sample...

"Black people do not change churches like they do purses. I am in my 30's, and outside of school, I've had exactly 2 church homes in my life. It took nearly 2 years to find the second one, but I found it. Commitment to a church isn't something that's done fly-by-night. It's not some fleeting commitment. It is a given that you will find something that you don't like about any church you attend; which is why it is the general COMMUNITY that will ultimately make that decision.

The Black Church is the ONLY institution, in the history of The United States of America, which, from its conception,

Validated, Supported, Incubated, and Treasured.



Don't think I'm correct, then name me another institution which has done so.

The attack on Trinity is seen as an attack on the Black Church, and thus, by extension, an attack on the Black Community as a whole.

During times of slavery and Jim Crow, the Black Church was what reinforced Community.

Post Civil Rights and Integration, the Black Church is now what brings Community together, considering that the Black Community, like the rest of America, is becoming more stratified along the lines of class. The Black Church is really the only place in Black America where you will consistently find the doctor and welfare mother in the same building, with the same purpose. It's the place to break down those walls of class that are building up.

To disown Wright and Trinity would be to disown the Black Community itself, which is why Obama said in his speech he couldn't. He understood that fundamentally about the Black Community, and he understood that political expediency would mean the doubting of the existence of his soul by the Black community. Obama would never be trusted again by Black folk if he had disowned Wright & Trinity. Even Black folk that don't go to church understand that you don't mess with the Black Church - it's just not done."

Anyone that has spent any time at all doing political activism in the black community will understand this. Unfortunately, far too few white activists have worked in and with the black community. There is a cultural divide and it isn't easy to bridge. But one thing I know is that Bill and Hillary Clinton (and their campaign manager, Maggie Williams) fully understand what they're messing with. And they don't care.

Kudos to 'BooMan'


Diane said...

Amen. Not only that, but black churches are one of the last places in the USA for women to wear great hats.

an average patriot said...

Black Churches serve their constituents so there should be no surprise here. However especially knowing hopw dirty Politics are today I would have headed immeately for the doors!

BBC said...

"You don't choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend."

All churches end up insulting my soul so I choose to not attend any of them.

And this country would be better off if all the religions just went away. It's just a bunch of monkeys chattering for freedom of religion, like nine year olds, and fighting over it all.

Stupid monkeys, rolls eyes.

sage said...

When I worked for the Boy Scouts I had many opportunities to worship in Black Churches--they were unique and enjoyable experiences--he's right about how the Black Church supports the community. It also became a training ground for black leadership.

Diane, your comment brought a chuckle, thanks.

Jack K. said...

Thanks for this enlightening discourse. It makes a lot of sense to me.

We white folks can take a good lesson from it.

May peace, love and serenity be with you all always.

Karen said...

diane~ Yes. And I love that! Those ladies look so elegant in their dresses and hats.

patriot~ It's hard to head out when you're emotionally attached to a church. I know since I was brought up Catholic.

When priests started playing with little boys, I did consider leaving the Catholics altogether but didn't feel comfortable with another religion.

bbc~ "You don't choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend."

For me it's a little more complicated than that as I stated above. But, I do believe a person can have *religion* in their heart without the public display.

It would serve all the world more positively if people didn't try to publicly push their religious beliefs. Certainly, most of the wars wouldn't have happened.

sage~ Thanks for sharing your incite.

jack~ Yes, it was a lesson for the rest of the world. Peace, love and serenity to you, also.

Polly said...

"Religion" has a bloody lot to answer for and most of it negative.

Community on the other hand can be a positive thing.

Wish religion was private and community public.

I believe religion being taught to children should be something that is done on an education basis...education = tolerance to ALL, even non religion.
Otherwise the brainwashing of any child by a religion is abuse.