Clinton ‘Misspoke’ About Bosnia Trip, Campaign Says

The real Bosnia story.
Hillary didn't tell the whole story...

When the plane landed, there was gunfire all around. So many bullets, it sounded like a nest of bees. She ran out the door...ripped the sleeves off her jacket and blouse...with bulging biceps, grabbed the 90 pound M-Deuce with one beefy hand, slung the ammo belt over her other tatooed arm, and started streaming 50 cal bullets into the bad guys. Everyone wearing blue - especially those in blue dresses were blasted away.

All the time she was juking and dodging in her custom made 6 inch stelletto heels as she went after the evil-doers. She saw a wounded 8 year old girl. She slung the wounded tyke over one shoulder and grabbing a pair of MAC-10s, provided suppressing fire. She saved the little girl, all the people on the plane (including a guitar player and comic), and those waiting on the tarmac. After a cigar and a bottle of Slivovitz, she was ready to visit the town.

My hero.

Kudos to 'dog soldier'


BBC said...

Yeah, right. That idiot has never been under fire in her life. And she is such a pussy that she would never go over a cliff with you.

Diane said...

Did I tell you about the time my niece and I landed in San Salvador? The airport was under seige from revolutionaries in the hills, and . . .

Oh wait, I misspoke . . . what actually happened was that we strolled into the airport and enjoyed some really good coffee and pastries while we waited for our connecting flight to Belize.

sage said...

I got a chuckle out of that!

an average patriot said...

I must have missed this. Great picture!
She is trying to divert attention from the fact that she got caught Lying again. Enigma has an interesting video she found about the liar!
I hate liars and sadly today lying is the new truth! Bush has set the underhanded lie to get what you want standard and then when caught just say gee I was misquoted or misinterpreted or something. Hillary has learned well from Bush and Bill. We can’t let her near the White House again and I don’t think its a danger.
She is such a two faced liar. It seems to be a requirement to get into Politics today. It is sick!

Karen said...

bbc~ Only *fire* I can think of is why she didn't leave zipper happy; oh wait, cuz of political gain, of course!

diane~ You expect me to believe that!?! {grin}

sage~ Me too!! :o)

patriot~ "today lying is the new truth!"

Ain't that the truth!