After Michelle's awesome speech, one of the historians on Jim Lehrer Newshour said Malia & Sasha's appearance was worth as least four million votes! It was so cute when they kept saying, "Hi Daddy" to Barack!!



Diane said...

LOVED the speech - rock on, Michelle!

Karen said...

diane~ ditto! :o)

an average patriot said...

The kids were great! ExcellentI Hi Daddy!
I thought everything went well! Kennedy was great and Michelle was perfect educating about her and Obama! Tonight hopefully Hillary will unite, tomorrow Biden will attack and then Obama can come forward with the hope and change!

Karen said...

patriot~ Yes We Can!!!

The girls are adorable!!

Great comments from you and Diane... thanks!!

an average patriot said...

Yes We Can!!! And it is a real pleasure to hear it coming from a convert like Biden!

BBC said...

Didn't see it, but that would be cute. In five years we can decide why we don't like him in office either.

I would tell you why now, but why bother, no one ever listens to me.

Anyway, I'm going to mention you on my post in the morning. :-)

sage said...

the convention seems to be going very well. What are you going to do next week without Olympics and when the convention is over?

Karen said...

patriot~ Biden=Perfect!

bbc~ mention me?

sage~ definitely not going to be a good news week with the rethugs convention, or wait, yes it will!

Monday will be a dud for them with bush and chenhead as speakers. Wonder why the rethugs stuck them on Labor Day... hmmmmm

*mischievous grin*

Jolynn said...

i haven't watched anything this year and I should be! It's such an important year. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Karen said...

jolynn~ that's okay, you get your dose of politics here. :o)

Hope you vote for Barack, tho.