an average patriot said...

I think we have a great team now! Joe has a tendency to foam at the mouth but I believe that can be controlled!
The right is already using Biden's words saying Obama is not ready to be President against him and Obama but if the Democrat's had half a brain amongst them they would already have turned the tables on the Republicans as they would do to Democrats!
Obama should be saying you Republicans are slow! Biden now knows I have what it takes and has gotten behind me. You better too if you want a future! What Obama has done has taken out life Insurance and I now believe the election that is a runaway being termed too close to call so it can be stolen a third time will be!
The alternatives are much worse! There is no way in hell I can see the Right quitting their agenda or allowing the Presidents abusive power in Democrats hands. no way! what is going to happen next?

Karen said...

patriot~ MSM is saying the "not ready to be President" thingy won't work. They're saying the Republicans were most afraid it would be Biden. So their worst fears have come true!

And, Biden did a great job with his speech today after Barack introducted him by jumping right on McSame's McMany McMansions!

BBC said...

Well, we'll see how it goes. I think they have a good chance of getting into office.

But he did choose him to improve his chances of getting into office. It's pretty much politics as usual.

Will it improve things here and promote world peace? I really don't think so, I think that they are just rich people looking out for their own self interests and political goals.

Well, we'll know more about that in two years, won't we? But I'm willing to bet you five bucks that it won't be any better than it is now.

Karen said...

bbc~ This I'm sure of, with Barack and Joe there will be no more wars started under false allegations.

The idiot, bush, has been the worse president in my lifetime, including tricky dick.

Jack K. said...

The sooner they ALL learn that it is a team effort, the sooner we will be able to get past all of the shit we are currently experiencing.

It is all about leadership and team building. I believe that we have a better chance for improvement with this team.

Time will tell.

I have a nagging feeling that there is a modicum of truth to bbc's concerns. So much so that I will not take him up on his bet.

an average patriot said...

Man that is a picture I will not get sick of. I only hope they can succeed in defeating the lying scummy underhanded Republican disinformation juggernaut!