A Limerick for Sarah

by Robert Rouse

There once was a lady named Palin

Whose credentials as V.P. were failin’

If the press gets a handle

On just one more scandal

Then McCain may just send Palin sailin’



BBC said...

All women are interchangeable, man, what a tard. That is a retard that hasn't been recycled yet. :-)

Heck no, I didn't do those, my art is in painting homes and things like that. A friend emailed them to me, I have no idea who did them.

I'd make a paint by numbers thing look like a five year old did it.

BBC said...

Well she isn't going sailin' with me.

an average patriot said...

McCain is an ass hole! That was great by Robert! Then in comes Romney! I did hear he may drop her but that is rumor and I doubt it she is perfect for them. I wasn't the only one who had nightmares over that meeting last night it was like watching a Nazi Forum!

BBC said...

"Palin: Democrats spreading misinformation and lies"

It's going to get very interesting, Karen. For some time I have seen this as the Christian rights last stand.

If they are blown out of the water this time I don't think that they can ever make a comeback.

We will see, time will tell.

Fred said...

Bring on the debates!