sage said...

I like the second one and it seems to be true--I don't watch CNBC so don't know enough to get the first

Karen said...

sage~ I don't have cable TV, just high-speed Internet, so don't watch CNBC either. But, since everything TV is all over the 'net, I'm still able to view it.

They're NBC's business arm, and apparently are more show than business... not to be taken seriously.

Although, they're marketed as a serious business network. That's what makes Jon Stewart's rant against them so powerful.

Jack K. said...

Business arm, hah!

According to Jay Leno, NBC is a joke. So why should we be surprised about the stuff on CNBC?

Ain't Stewart grand?

an average patriot said...

We would be lost without the comedian's and cartoonists. That is where you see and hear the truth not the Politicians!

Karen said...

Jack~ Yes, Stewart is great.

patriot~ Hear, hear, ain't that the truth!