The official portrait of the Obama family dog, "Bo," a Portuguese water dog, on the South Lawn of the White House.

Bo rules! He is the most powerful dog on the planet and one of the cutest!!



Diane said...

I LOVE the Bo portrait and his baseball card stats

sage said...

Great pic! Obama said some good things about fathers the other day

Jolynn said...

That is dog is very cute! I like him!

an average patriot said...

Did you see what happened today? As would be Protesters were approaching Parliament 500 Gov't thugs armed with axes, guns, and clubs attacked them.. Hacking them up shooting them clubbing them and throwing them off a foot bridge!
Old men women whoever! I just saw a report on Iranian TV that the Gov't forces kept things peaceful. I refuse to believe the truth can not get to the rest of the people. This is sick!