Holte Ender said...

Karen - With all the nasty goings on you would think, some northern republicans would speak up and complain about their party going down the drain. Perhaps they like sewage.

Karen said...

Holte~ It appears even the northern rethugs are comfortable with their voices being heard through limp-balls, pecker beck, and faux news.

Jack K. said...

I'm thinking that the formula could also read country/party. Country divided by party.

Either way it's a travesty. But, there are some dems who are just as radical. I can't remember who said it, but I do remember something about the value of the fringe at either end of the political spectrum serving to give some value to the discussion. At least you know what you don't want.

I also had a Sociology professor tell me that the spectrum is really a circle if the folks who think they are at the extreme would turn around they would see their "opponent". Hmmm

I must admit it took me about three second to recognize limp-balls. Bwahahahaha.

Karen said...

Jack~ Blue Dog Dems are in that radical category, unfortunately.