Holte Ender said...

Karen - Looks like pictures from 50 years ago, sometimes I think nothing has changed.

Jolynn said...

I had a lady at work approach me with a news article about this. At the time I hadn't heard anything about it and I skimmed the article, which was obviously one that was skewed to the right and threw it out. Come to find out he's going to talk about our children's responsibilty for their education. No! Please don't tell my kids they are responsible for their own education! I'm so outraged! (that was sarcasm fyi)

Karen said...

Holte~ Unfortunately, you're right... *sigh*

Jolynn~ They hate Prez Obama so much, it doesn't matter what he does/does not do, it's all bad in their mind! It's terrible they're passing their hate on down to their kids. :o(

Jack K. said...

This reminds me of the time I was part of the US Army troops who were sent to the U. of Mississippi to provide protection for James Meredith.

I am proud to have been there but saddened because I had to be there.

Perhaps I'll post something about that some day.

Karen said...

Jack~ Those were terrible times and it appears the rethugs are trying their best to bring them back.

But wait, they never left their minds... sad.