the real

"Snakes On A Plane"
... er, *PLAME*!

Thanks jc!



Hale McKay said...

Now that's what I call some snakes in the grass.

Eli Blake said...


Change one letter: 'Plame' to 'Flame.'

Or, alternatively let it be to scale. Assume she's wearing a good pair of boots and there'd be "heel" to pay.

Jack K. said...

And, why is she smiling? Hmmmm.

ckmunson said...

How true... :)

jc said...

Hi, Karen.

jack k, I almost did something about the smile, but I figure she'll get the last laugh.

sage said...

Great illustration? Where is that snake ridding Saint Patrick when you need him?

Jack K. said...

The snake ridding Saint Patrick will be looking over our shoulders on election day. Heed the influence.

Karen said...

hale~ awwwwwww, yer bein' too nice! lol!

eli~ that's another way of lookin' at it.

jack~ jc answered that one herself, scroll down! :-)

cj~ backacha!

jc~ last laugh, indeed! *chuckle*

sage~ wellllllll, here's cheers to the person who never paid any attention to detail in her life cuz i never heard that one before... had to google today to educate myself. {grin}

jack~ don't know if that's good or bad; guess it depends on the outcome and which side yer on! :-)

mkecurler said...

Too Funny! I'll hve to share with my SoaP fan friends!

Kyahgirl said...

Hi Karen-I saw a lot of snakes on my vacation...nothing as bad as these ones though!

Jay Noel said...

That's a funny pic...You think they're poisonous though?

Karen said...

sabatkes~ Happy B-day week to ya, girlfriend!

kyahgirl~ glad yer back and had a great vacation!

croak~ "Freud would be horrified"... eeegads, never thought of that!!

phoenix~ poisonous=bushies!