Recommendations for How To Defeat the Terrorists from the Bush Administration:

Seal off your house somehow with duct tape.
Spy and report on your neighbors.
Throw away all your shampoo before boarding aircraft.



puppytoes said...

i love this picture of Dubya... shows what a little cowboy asshole he is (in fact, i think this is on the cover of one of Maureen Dowd's book)

love the anti-terror tips. think i'll stick with the top one, tho', since i'm not really into spying and/or flying at the moment, and i can't seem to find my duct tape! xox neva

Jack K. said...

Shopping will lead us all to the farthest mall requiring us to fill the gas tank more frequently.

I may have to buy more oil company stock.

Or not.

Ekta said...


Anand said...


Jolynn said...

And don't forget that you EVERYONE has to take off their shoes! The thought of flying makes me a little queasy these days.

Fred said...

Don't forget to throw out the toothpaste, too.

tao1776 said...

The end result of this administration for me, personally, is fear.
Fear to really protest in my traditional fashion because I am less willing to die now.
The GOP is willing to kill their own for the right to kill others into democracy.
So, I started smoking pot this summer. Ah, reversion to my early days. About six times in the last two months.
Tune in, drop out, turn on - is becoming a real solution because the war that is needed to combat the rape of the USA middleclass is hard to grasp. We are on the path to same ol shit, different day. Never gonna change. Bend over America!

Karen said...

puppy~ "little cowboy asshole"... good description.

jack~ oil stock sounds good.

ekta~ right backacha!

anand~ ditto!

jolynn~ taking off shoes = queasy alright!

fred~ yep, jes don't throw out the baby with the bath water! {grin}

tim~ sobering thoughts. :(

Hale McKay said...

LOL - I love the 'toon. Reminds me of Yul Brynner's robot character in "West World" - just shoot first, then ask questions.

Carina said...

Phew. I feel ever so much safer now that I have some personal guidelines.

Karen said...

hale~ "just shoot first, then ask questions"...

... seems to be the mantra of this administration.

croak~ good analogies of a defunct system.

carina~ me too!

Jack K. said...

Spying on one's neighbors might be fun. However, reporting everything one sees gets a bit tedious.

Live in a glass house, but don't throw stones. Got that W?

Eli Blake said...

Oh, and go invade somebody else (not where the terrorists are) so you can help make their case (that you want to conquer muslim lands) for them.

Anonymous said...

Haha! AWESOME POST! That is exactly right!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! :o) Thank you so much for stopping by & thank you for your wonderful comments! I'm very glad you like my paintings! :o)

Karen said...

jack~ W throws lots of stones!

eli~ yep, another bush trait!

jon~ love your paintings!