WASHINGTON - The 'Bush administration' proposed easing environmental rules Friday to allow oil refineries and other industries to change how they calculate whether they need pollution control equipment.

The oil refinery industry says the eased regulation would open the way for production of more oil and other products. But environmental groups say the proposed rules are gimmicks and loopholes allowing industry to emit more pollution, evade pollution controls and save money...

Kudos to 'Scrutiny Hooligans'



Jack K. said...

Well what's wrong with making a profit? We can all benefit by buying stock in the oil companies. To hell with everybody else.

tic sarcasm.

And, furthermore, we will still join the conspiracy of big oil and automakers and advertisers who push the gas guzzlers.

More sarcasm.

Fred said...

It'll all change when a Democrat takes over.

Eli Blake said...

But Jack,

Why would you want to save anything on the planet for the next generation? Don't you know that Armageddon is coming and the whole earth will be laid waste anyway?

I mean, how can you doubt that the apocalypse will be here soon? Look at all the progress we've made towards it just in the past five years!

That makes for a new slogan:

The Bush administration-- Building the foundation today for Doomsday tomorrow.