George Clooney Named Sexiest Man
Alive, Again! And he's a Democrat!!



Newsandseduction said...

Namste no more entails joining hands. People may salute with a reverse hand or touch the left side of their chest with their right hand while saying Namaste.
It is more 'hi' or 'hello' nowadays. Shaking hands with a lady too is common for men.But I say it withour serious misgivings. Probably it is what will be culture of globe tomorrow.

Polly said...

Love it when people of note put their heart out for all to see. To all those who work to make the world a bit better for the less fortunate I say..they are all sexy!!

Hale McKay said...

Alert: Another Bush-bashing post at my place!

(I know you love this stuff.)

Eli Blake said...

Darn it, I thought for sure I was going to win that award this year :)

Obviously this award is stacked unfairly against Republicans though-- knuckle dragging neanderthals just don't come off as 'sexy,' even when they put down their club.

Eli Blake said...


I feel uncomfortable about touching the left side of my chest with my right hand.

It's only a left hand extended and raised rigidly at about a 30 degree angle, and you have a Nazi salute.

Eli Blake said...

newsandseduction (in response to comment left on my blog):

I understand that the meaning is diametrically opposite the meaning of the Nazi salute, and that clearly your left hand would never be put into a position that would allow this to be mistaken for one, but nevertheless it makes me (personally) feel uncomfortable to even give half of one, even if that is in no way the intent.

I do understand the likely origin of it, it would be to put your hand over your heart as an indication that you are keeping that person in your heart.

But just speaking personally it is still something that I would feel very uncomfortable doing.

Karen said...

news~ welcome!

peaches right on!

hale~ yes, i know you know i love your bush-bashing. {grin}

eli~ yep, personality does make *sexy* more *sexier*

Carina said...

He was even handsome in Syriana despite putting on a bunch of weight and looking grungy.