Jack K. said...

We could always ask... "What would Jesus do?"

Don't mean to be sacreligious. It was the first response that popped into my head, and at 4:15 AM that is some feat.

ckmunson said...

That is pretty funny. Because there are just OH so many options left!

Polly said...

I like all the options.

Karen said...

jack~ "What would Jesus do?"
you mean at 4:15 AM!?! :+)

~cj~ mine are: withdraw, withdraw, withdraw, and, oh, did i mention withdraw?

peaches~ me too... did i mention withdraw?

Fred said...

Wait...that list looks like my sex life in college! :)

Jack K. said...

Sometimes I just can't get back to sleep.

Although I did and almost missed getting the trash out in time. tee hee.

This AM is more reasonable. It is only 6:40 AM. lol

Jay Noel said...

Looks like a marriage counseling think tank.

Karen said...

fred~ ROTFLMAO!!

jack~ sometimes i'm just gettin' to bed at that time!

phoenix~ *snicker*
looks like you and fred got your heads together on this one.