Polly said...

Well put!!

(By "we" I presume you are including Gr Britain, Australia, New Zealand, France, Russia et al during the second world war??!!)

carina said...

LOL! So true.

Karen said...

peaches yes, "we" are all you mentioned.

carina so true, indeed.

Jack K. said...

This is what happens when the plan was ill-conceived, ill-planned and led by civilians who don't have the foggiest notion about how to wage any kind of warefare.

Those leaders who have never experienced it can be only too ready to commit others to fight their battles.

btw, I bet there are not too many of the terrorist leaders who are encouraging their progeny to strap on a bomb and go blow up something.

I have heard that the bomber of choice is someone who has mental/psychological illness. There is a unique way to follow the law of the survival of the fittest. Or this could be another bit of the cyberspace BS.
Damn, I do sound a tad bit negative this AM. Eff them all. The effing inept leadership.

I'm outta here for now.

Karen said...

jack~ i prolly shouldn't be posting such negativity just before the holidays.

but i think to myself, this bad stuff going on around the world shows no mercy no matter what time of the year. *sigh*

Anil P said...

It's a new world, and this is a new kinda war.

Jack K. said...

Hey, K, posting stuff like this is just as important now as it is next week. We need to think about bad stuff so we can make a conscious decision to move toward the good stuff.

Merry Christmas and a Happy, prosperous new year.

sage said...

Karen, pretty sad isn't it.

You'll have to check this site out and get your holiday chuckles:


Chuck said...

That really puts it into perspective. Good job/good point!

Fred said...

Happy Holidays, Karen. I hope you have a good one!

Eli Blake said...

Well, look at it this way:

Iran fought for nine years trying to get rid of Saddam Hussein and install a Shiite dominated religious government in Iraq.

So here we come and do all that for them. And as a bonus, our military deterrent that we used to have against Iran, is trashed.

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays, Karen.

Jay Noel said...

Merry Christmas, and don't be going to any Iraqi airports.

Karen said...

anil~ welcome!

jack~ Happy Holidays, backacha!

sage~ sad, indeed.

chuck~ thx!

fred~ hope your holidays are awesome!

eli~ yep, our commander-in-chief at his finest.

cd~ Happy Holidays, to you, too!

phoenix~ no airports and Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays to all my blogger buds!