From jc's new blog... MaTREEarchy



Jolynn said...

I love the second one.

Jay Noel said...

What if God was one of us?

I never got that song. If God was one of us, he wouldn't be God. He'd be human.

Jack K. said...

And well She should be, pissed.

There may be some psycho-sexual connotation to this comment. te hee

There is a case for thinking/believing God is one of us. We just choose not to understand it. I am not sure I do, but I'm getting closer to understanding. I loved the song.

Polly said...

If I was going to have an imaginery friend then I think I should like her to be a woman.
I am pissed too...maybe I am god?!
Good one, Karen!!!

Karen said...

jolynn~ me too!

phoenix~ huh!?!

jack~ psycho-sexual... wooo-weee! :+)

onandon~ welcome!