Kristol says Obama would be a pro slavery kinda guy….

"We are hearing really idiotic stuff coming out of the mouths of conservatives to attack Barack Obama with, but this one is particularly odious. Apparently—Bill Kristol thinks Obama would side with the pro-slavery cabal in America during the run up to the civil war. He attacked his Iraq policy by comparing him to Stephen Douglas. Ummmm, Barack would have been a slave at the time Bill. I just wanted to make sure you remember that."


Jolynn said...

Why is it that people don't think before they speak? Hello!

Doug The Una said...

The Australian Prime Minister went after him, too. I wonder what they're scared of.

Jack K. said...

I wonder if the more they are afraid of Obama's success, the more vitriolic the attacks will be?

Karen said...

Been trying to figure him out and know what I like about him is his
level of confidence.

Carina said...

People are stupid, Part Two.
Karen, you can get involved locally if you want - go to his website and you'll find several local groups working on his presidential campaign.
After reading his books and following his recent progress, I've decided he's my candidate for '08!

Polly said...

Being here in Oz, doug, I can't tell you either what our PM is frightened of, except being 'stranded' in a war none of the Australian people supported, wanted or agreed with.

Hopefully our pathetic PM will be gone by the end of this year.
Hopefully it is the dawning of a new age.