What are you paying for gas!?!



Diane said...

Seriously, I'm financially comfortable enough that even though it makes me cringe, I can actually afford to put 50 bucks in my tank every week if that is what it costs - how do people on a tighter budget than I have manage to keep enough gas in their cars to get to work? They haven't raised the minimum wage enough to even compensate for the gas hikes . . . this is simply ridiculous.

But at least our oil companies will again have record profits

sage said...

I feel luckly I filled up the other day at 3.23--now that its 3.49--which means that if I'm much below a quarter of a tank, it'll cost $75

Eli Blake said...

Last year: The price of crude oil: pushed $80 a barrel.

This year: The price of crude oil: Under $65 a barrel.

But the price of gasoline is actually at a record high.

And don't blame it on crude oil prices (nor on gasoline taxes which also haven't gone up since last year.)

I call it: someone is making a mint.

Chuck said...

Hi Karen.

Uh-oh. I just used that picture & didn't know you did. Great minds, huh?

BBC said...

I walk and bike a lot and only use about one tank a month, we need to wean ourselves of gas anyway. All that traveling is wrecking the planet.

I often wonder if anyone really cares though.

Because of all the smoke screens in our monetary system I get the eerie feeling that this is how we are paying for Bush's frigging wars. Hugs.