Hail, Hail, the rovester is gone!



Jack K. said...

Beware neocons bringing gifts!

When he gets out of the limelight, will we have any idea what is will be doing?

I think not. He will still be in operation planning the next coup.

Polly said...

May truth and law follow him to the end of his days. May he be announced, denounced, renounced for the damage he has done to the soul of good America. May he go without peace until he is exposed for what he really is and for what he really did.
He jumped before he was pushed and I hope, along with Rumsfeld that he is hounded into the books of history as a traitor and a cruel person.

Chuck said...

It feels good, but something just doesn't feel right. We all know these guys are as dirty as they come.

Jolynn said...

I was so happy when I read about this my heart was pounding.

sage said...

after days of not reading or listening to the news, when I saw this on a USA Today headline, I tuned in