What a novel idea

Kudos to 'Scrutiny Hooligans'


Jay Noel said...

Then we betray the citizens of Iraq.

Chuck said...

Perfect timing Karen. bush finally admits that he has created a comparable quagmire today.

He didn't use those words of course. ;)

BBC said...

I think that George Bush Sr should have pulled out sooner, then they wouldn't have had that idiot kid.

On the other hand, I sometimes think he was the result of a blow job. That would explain a lot. :-)

Karen said...

phoenix~ betray away, lets just get the hell outa there!

chuck~ how does that go... if it quacks like a duck, it's gotta be a quack-mire! :o)

bbc~ sure does 'splain it.


Diane said...

Bush comparing Iraq to Vietnam is not going to garner support for his cause . . .

Karen said...

diane~ your comment is proving true.

Polly said...

It is about time that the Republicans stood up as individuals against this stupidity!
Time to leave well enough alone!
Save the troops!!

Jack K. said...

Maybe daddy bush should have "pulled out" 9 months prior to W's birth.

Just a random thought.

two crows said...

to expound on the phoenix' comment --
we betrayed the Iraqis [not to mention our own children] 5 years ago.
the vast majority of Iraqis WANT us out.

the only ones who want us to stay are the insurgents who see the presence of our troops as their best recruiting tool.