Congress fiddles while Iraq burns
Okay, can't help myself. Yes, I'm screaming!! Yes, I'm swearing again!! BUT ... HOW FUCKIN' STUPID ARE ALL THE RETHUGS!?! It's scary to think these kind of people are running our country!!

Dear MoveOn member,

They didn't condemn Vice President Cheney when he falsely connected Al Qaeda to Saddam Hussein.

They didn't condemn Colin Powell when he lied about WMD to the United Nations.

They didn't condemn President Bush when he started eavesdropping on American citizens without a warrant.

They didn't condemn President Bush and the Republicans when they attacked Sen. John Kerry's war record.

They didn't condemn Sen. Saxby Chambliss when he ran ads comparing triple-amputee and war hero Max Cleland to Osama bin Laden.

They still haven't done enough to slow this dreadful war or protect our troops.

But a few hours ago, your representative voted in the House to join the Senate in condemning a MoveOn.org newspaper ad.


Mary said...

What the hell is going on? Mikulski and Cardin heard from me!

Diane said...

Shame on Congress

Liza said...

This MoveOn vote is unquestionably going to be the nadir of this Cogressional session. They are hopeless. They should be taken off C-SPAN and put on the Comedy channel.