Bush's cronies are all falling by the wayside... wonder why!?!

SYDNEY, Australia - Conservative Prime Minister John Howard suffered a humiliating defeat Saturday at the hands of the left-leaning opposition, whose leader has promised to immediately sign the Kyoto Protocol on global warming and withdraw Australia's combat troops from Iraq.

Labor Party head Kevin Rudd's pledges on global warming and Iraq move Australia sharply away from policies that had made Howard one of President Bush's staunchest allies.

Rudd has named global warming as his top priority, and his signing of the Kyoto Protocol will leave the U.S. as the only industrialized country not to have joined it.



Jack K. said...

Perhaps we will have a similar awakening.

Polly said...


Thanks for all your support from afar.
It is now our turn to give it backatcha!!!!!

Rudd has promised to give us a realistic time table to get out of Iraq. At least it is something.
Our Parliament doesn't sit till February...so he is already hitting the ground running.

Hope is springing up everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Karen - Bush's cronies in the White House and Congress are leaving the sinking ship, too... Trent Lott is resigning!