Does Rudy have anything else going for him? Don't you think the 9-11 card is stale?

It's fun watching the whole charade!


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Hale McKay said...

Hiya, Karen. Sorry I haven't been here much lately, but a with a combination on increased working hours, a few physical ailments, and a couple of short stories I was working on, time has been a premium. I have read some of your posts on Bloglines, but you can't comment in that format.

Good post re: Rudi Fruity.

There have been several articles and interviews of New York firemen and police, that infer Rudi did very little except talk after the 9-11 attacks on the WTC.

Knowing that you like bashing Pols, I thought you'd really enjoy my recent Bush-bashing post - just in time for the holidays.

You read it by clicking on title link:
It's Christmas, Charlie Bush

I trust you had a good Thanksgiving. Hoping the holidays to come are joyful.