jmsjoin said...

That is great! You know, looking at your post from yesterday and the fact that I written on it numerous times plus the last few days, and Polishifter wrote about it again today in light of the hypocrisy of Bush having used the Nazi's and appeasement in Israel to scare Israel, American Jews, and everyone. I am stunned that Prescott was never held accountable or this Bush crap was allowed to happen. I don't friggen get it!

BBC said...

She doesn't know how to turn that broom off, can't find the switch.


jmsjoin said...

I wish she would get the damn message I was just listening to her again saying she is the one that can win the big States. AAARRRGGGHHH!

Jack K. said...

Actually, it might be a better message if she continues through the process to really learn that the voters are not as in sync with her as she would like.

We shouldn't deprive all the voters that chance. Should we?