Mission Unaccomplished Five Years Later!!



Polly said...

How many more cringe-making moments can there be left?

jmsjoin said...

That is a funny picture Karen. I was listening to the idiot blaming everything he caused on Congress and Dems again today. That was yesterdays story todays was McCain being more like him everyday the more he "distances" himself from him.
Polly there are many opportunities left he has yet to do his worst!

Jack K. said...

Left-handed salute?

Now there is an insult if I ever saw one. But, then what can you expect?

BBC said...

Lets see, I bought a quart of milk yesterday. Carrot cake with lemon/butter frosting on it in a bowl with milk poured over it.

Yes, life is uncertain, eat dessert first. Call it breakfast. :-)

While eating his breakfast, George is trying to figure out how to get more money out of us for his war. It's spooky.

BBC said...

Ha, I didn't notice the left handed salute, thanks for pointing that out, Jack. A really proper salute would be for a guard to pull out his gun and..... never mind.

Jack K. said...

Actually, upon further inspection, the photo of the officer is shown backwards. Take a look at the side the medals are displayed on his uniform.