A Limerick for Sarah

by Robert Rouse

There once was a lady named Palin

Whose credentials as V.P. were failin’

If the press gets a handle

On just one more scandal

Then McCain may just send Palin sailin’



BBC said...

All women are interchangeable, man, what a tard. That is a retard that hasn't been recycled yet. :-)

Heck no, I didn't do those, my art is in painting homes and things like that. A friend emailed them to me, I have no idea who did them.

I'd make a paint by numbers thing look like a five year old did it.

BBC said...

Well she isn't going sailin' with me.

BBC said...

"Palin: Democrats spreading misinformation and lies"

It's going to get very interesting, Karen. For some time I have seen this as the Christian rights last stand.

If they are blown out of the water this time I don't think that they can ever make a comeback.

We will see, time will tell.

Fred said...

Bring on the debates!