jmsjoin said...

That's funny! That might be an improvement... Oh I'll be nice!

Karen said...

patriot~ :o)

Jack K. said...

There is a difference between bi-partisanship and consensus.

I opt for consensus. I have personally used it and it works.

The "downside(?)" is that you have to give up your ego. The Upside is the you get to get rid of your false-ego.

I opt for consensus.

Karen said...

jack~ IMO, the Republicans have decided they will fight against anything Obama whether it's good for their constituents or not.

It's just amazing that's where they're at considering their *in the toilet* unfavorable ratings. Apparently, they don't care. Their hate is deep.

Jack K. said...

When you are in deep shit that you placed there yourself, you want to drag others in with you.

There just may be some weird, frat boy story here. At least that poorly formed thought popped into my mind.

They all like to think they are doing the best that they can. And maybe they're right. Of course when you are playing solitaire with a deck of 51, the game is in jeopardy.

I reckon they have made up a new slogan, "If it ain't your ship, scuttle it." And nobody even mentioned torpedoes.

Damn, I'm having weird thoughts this AM.

Make it a great day.

Karen said...

jack~ Damn, I'm having weird thoughts this AM.

That's what happens sometimes when trying to figure out Republicans' stinkin'-thinkin'!


Diane said...

I love it!!!! so true

Karen said...

Diane~ Backacha!

sage said...

Great poster!