A friendly Canadian welcomes
the president

Some comments from HuffPo...

"I'm trying to get a fix on this sense of well being many Americans are having in the midst of this financial chaos we all face. I think it might be related to having Barack Obama as president. A feeling of someone with brains and deep understanding at the helm. A feeling of having someone nudging his people to do the job right. A feeling of having a president fully engaged and not running on 'ideological autopilot'. A feeling of having someone at top who is working for us, ordinary people. It's a strange feeling after the past 8 years.
I think it might be the feeling of 'leadership' in America--after that vast vacuum of Republican rule."

"Obama has 80% approval rating in Canada. They love him, almost every other country loves him. It's so nice to have a beloved President instead of one they throw shoes at and hold protests for."


jmsjoin said...

You have that right and the whole world feels it! I have hope but seeing we are being set up in Afghanistan greatly concerns me.

After that farce of debates on Obama's stimulus Bill I am very concerned seeing that Obama does not even matter to Democrats, Only the two party's matter period. I now believe the Republican party even though we are in power are our biggest danger!

Jack K. said...


Jolynn said...

I am so excited about our new president and am so lucky that I'm old enough to appreciate his significance!

Karen said...

patriot~ We all know by now, if Bush wouldn't have gotten us in Iraq, the Taliban wouldn't have a strong-hold on Afghanistan now. Unfortunately, I think Barack has no other option but to send in more troops.

IMO, I think Barack has a lot of influence with Dems simply because his high approval rating continues. And yes, the Repub party are our biggest danger.

jack~ *grin*

Jolynn~ Me too! :o)