Holte Ender said...

Does that mean Bunning is going to get a lobotomy?

Jerry Critter said...

Jim Bunning, my new republican hero. He is a great example of just how batshit crazy the republicans really are.

Karen said...

Holte~ Hope so!

Jerry~ Just keeps getting shittier and shittier... will there ever be a bottom?

Infidel753 said...

Holte's suggestion would only work if Bunning had any lobes left in the first place, about which I have my doubts.

What we need is for the voters to give Congress a Republicanotomy.

will there ever be a bottom?

Bunning seems determined to be the first one to get there. He's probably got a Confederate flag to plant on it and everything!

Karen said...

Infidel~ OMG... forgot about the friggin' Confederate flag!